R1000 RTK - Avion Drone


A New Look, Industry – Level Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

It adopts a new modular quick-release structure and a four-axis folding arm design; supports dual magnetic compasses for mutual backup, and adopts a power signal redundancy design to ensure flight safety. The GNSS + grid RTK dual redundancy system brings centimeter-level positioning accuracy and supports all directional obstacle avoidance, which further improves operational safety. 54minutes flight time and 8kgs payloads for R1000 RTK version .

The arm adopts a four-axis vertical structure design and convenience

The arm adopts a four-axis vertical structure design, which is compact and firm. After folding, the whole machine is in a barrel shape, and the operation can be started quickly, reducing the difficulty of packing and saving assembly time for the staff, and greatly reducing the requirements for transportation.

Intelligent Flight Battery

The smart battery has a capacity of 14000mAh, which further enhances and guarantees the fluency of flight operations, and supports low-voltage automatic return. The maximum continuous flight time is up to 54 minutes (no-load state, hovering flight under no wind at sea level).

All Directional Obstacle Avoidance

R1000 can sense obstacles 40 meters in front of the flight, and can effectively reduce the safety risks caused by common obstacles during daily operations. Active sensing obstacle avoidance function can work around the clock. Heading follows the range of lidar rotation:

Equipped with a networked RTK module, so that it can achieve a centimeter-scale positioning.

Integrated new RTK module, with strong anti-magnetic interference capability and precise positioning capability, providing real-time centimeter-level positioning data.

12Km Image Transmission

Adopts 2.4G long-distance transmission system, which can transmit the maximum map distance up to 12KM. advanced SDR technology and super protocol stack, the image is clearer, the delay is lower, Strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable transmission.

Industry-specific Software

In response to the special needs of industry applications, we developed a dedicated R1000 dedicated APP to simplify operations and ease operations. (Dot positioning, intelligent flight accompaniment, accurate re-shooting, waypoint flight).

30X Zoom Camera

A 30x optical zoom camera is mounted as standard, and ultra-long-distance monitoring can observe all the details of the scene, which can effectively help formulate rescue plans. It can also be used in one machine for multiple purposes. According to different needs of customers, different equipment can be mounted, such as infrared thermal imaging cameras, low-light night vision cameras and other equipment.

35X Low Light Level Night Vision Camera

It is suitable for low-light environments at night to obtain high-resolution, low-noise images, and is widely used in military and police security collars.

Dual-lens Camera

Integrating high-definition visible light and infrared thermal imaging modules, infrared thermal imaging cameras have the advantages of strong penetration, long detection distance, identification of hidden targets, temperature detection and day and night visibility. Based on image and temperature algorithms, it can identify targets in unfavorable climate environments.


Real-time kinematic
Network RTK
12KM Max
4K 30Fps
Flight time
54Min Max
Max. Payload