WK-1800: 6 Axis Fire-Fighting Drone - Avion Drone


Six-axis Heavy Load, Fire Emergency Rescue

The WK-1800 six-axis fire-fighting drone has a large load capacity, strong wind resistance and higher dispersing accuracy; it is designed for dry powder spraying, hose mooring and vertical throwing of dry powder. Portable folding body design, short startup time, can quickly reach the high-rise fire scene. Supports mounting a variety of devices, including 30x zoom camera, dry powder fire extinguishing tank, dropping fire extinguishing bomb, sprinkler, searchlight, megaphone, etc.

wk-1800 drone

Fire Suppression Tank

Net dry powder content:12kg
Total weight:19kg
Filling pressure 1.2MPa
Electronic quick opening method
Powder spray tube: carbon fiber material
Length: Expanded 4.33m (the shortest can be retracted to 1.61m)

wk-1800 drone

Hose Spray Module

Can be connected to fire hydrants and fire trucks for high pressure water supply.
Spray pipe material: carbon fiber
Telescopic length: Expanded length 3.04m (the shortest can be retracted to 1.61m)

wk-1800 drone

Folding Design

The WK-1800 arm adopts a six-axis vertical structure design, which is compact and firm. After being folded, the whole machine takes on a barrel shape, which is convenient for daily transportation and assembly while ensuring the structural strength requirements, reducing the occupied area of the aircraft, reducing the difficulty of packing and saving assembly time for staff, and greatly reducing the requirements for transportation tools.

Smart Battery, Long Fight time

Large-capacity battery and built-in intelligent power management system greatly enhance the safety during flight. The standard large-capacity battery can last up to 50 minutes in a single flight. The APP has built-in low-voltage alarm and power management, greatly improving battery life and work efficiency, ensuring stable flight of the drone, and better escorting your flight.

30X Zoom Camera (4K picture quality)

A 30x optical zoom camera is mounted as standard, and ultra-long-
distance monitoring can observe all the details of the scene, which can
effectively help or mulate rescue plans. It can also be used in one machine for multiple purposes, and can mount different equipment according to different needs of customers, such as infrared thermal imaging cameras, low-light night vision cameras and other equipment.

Lidar Ranging (Environmental awareness, intelligent obstacle avoidance)

Using laser radar technology, the intelligent obstacle avoidance system created by high-precision sensors, laser ranging up to 180 meters, can identify obstacles of 2-20 meters (adjustable) in the front direction and brake and decelerate to prevent misuse The risk to protect your flight safety. The dual protection of obstacle avoidance and ranging makes your flight safer and increases the probability of rescue.

Customize APP (Simple operation and handy)

For the special needs of firefighting and rescue, our APP specially designed for WK-1800 firefighting drones simplifies operations and makes operations easier. The monitoring platform is convenient for operators to count and supervise, check the progress of the operation in real time, and plan the operation route. Real-time display of operating parameters and flight parameters, etc.

Customize System

The customized Android system with the deeply optimized WKDrone-ZHUN APP can get rid of the interference of operation jams and complicated information when using ordinary mobile devices, making the operation more efficient and safe; at the same time, the system also supports the installation of other Android apps to achieve more Video editing and sharing functions.

WK-1800 dedicated remote control with screen for fire fighting drone

For the needs of firefighting and rescue, we specially designed the remote control with screen for ZHUN firefighting drones. The remote control with screen combines portability and highlight display. It can also present clear images under strong direct light. Combined with the built-in APP, let you Get rid of the interference of complicated information when using ordinary mobile devices, and work more easily and efficiently.

Highlight display

The remote control integrates a 7.86-inch 2K high-brightness display
with a maximum brightness of 2000 cd/m², which is about twice that
of ordinary mobile devices. It is still clearly visible under strong direct
light, making the operation safer and more reliable.

HD video transmission

The remote control with screen is equipped with advanced 2.4G and 5.8G dual-frequency long-distance transmission system, wavelength, strong anti-interference ability, effective control distance up to 6KM, stable and reliable transmission.


Six-axis Loading
Six-axis design, Improve flight power
Folding arm Design
Innovative barrel design
30X Zoom Camera
Distance monitoring, can observe all conditions of the disaster
50 Minutes of Battery Endurance
Smart battery, long flight time.
Lidar Ranging
Double protection of obstacle avoidance and ranging
Rugged Performance IP43
Adopt closed modular design